Puerto Vallarta is an amazing destination for any person looking to be entertained. Whether it’s the beautiful beaches, the bustling streets of its old town, or all of the things in between, there’s something for everyone in this city.

Puerto Vallarta is safe in general. But saying that is a non-crime city is utopic. That’s why you have to be careful about how you behave, which areas of the city you visit and which precautions you have to take. Never take your eye off the ball.

Here are five tips to help you have a safe and fun trip:

Your eye in your drink

This is something basic, but we sometimes feel so safe that we forget there are still bad people on the outside. This is not related to the bar staff, who are very professional and conscientious but by the people that you meet at the bar. This is not a point to turn crazy and schizophrenic. Because it is a small community of locals, and we find a thief, we kick him out as soon as possible.

Your friends are so distracted as you having fun, so never leave your glass without supervision. Even when you go to the bathroom take your drink with you.

Take an UBER

Uber drivers are subject to far more regulation than cab drivers. Uber, didi and cabify’s backgrounds checks go back a few years and include checking license status, criminal records, and driving history. Cab companies only check the last six months of driving history, sometimes non because their «cousin» or «compadre» give them the entrance.

Uber has a rating system like eBay uses- if customers rate their driver as «poor» three times in four months, they lose access to the app. That means there’s no one giving you a ride who other people don’t want to be around either! Cab companies have no such feedback system that we know about.

If you are in a situation where you’ll take a Taxi, take a photo of the number and the plates, and send it to a friend. There are some ways to keep track of him after an issue.

Use the safe box in your room

It’s pretty common to have guests in your room or Airbnb. The after-party is common, sometimes are people that you know in a bar, you are under the effects of a few tequila shots and you’re about to lower the guard. But you are smart enough to put your value thing in the safebox, at least the most important things that you will need in case of an emergency: Your wallet, your passport, and your phone.

Be cautious in crowded places

Many people feel safe in crowds, but that’s not always the case. It is very easy to be targeted by pickpockets in these areas. When you go to a club and start dancing with three attractive men at the same time, it’s easy to become immersed in six hands. One of them might steal your wallet.

My recommendation is to keep your phone and wallet in your front pockets. In this way, you have eye contact with these pockets.

Walk in safe areas

Zona Romantica is very safe. But the more you go far of the beach the risk is higher and higher. That does not mean you go from Safe to Dangerous in one block, but you have to be certain where are you walking. My recommendation is to walk during the day around your Airbnb or hotel, identify where the neighbors are and if are local businesses open late at night. During the night try to walk in streets where you can find people.

In case you are in a dangerous situation, my recommendation is to scream «Fire!» (in Spanish: FUEGO!). People will react with more urgency to this than if you ask for help.

Have fun, be safe. Some of these tips are basic, but sometimes we forget them.

You can have a great time in Puerto Vallarta! You can visit the city’s many historical sites or enjoy its beautiful beaches. There are also plenty of clubs and bars to keep you entertained at night. As long as you follow these tips, there is no reason for your trip not to be an awesome vacation.