Welcome to Gay-Friendly Destination of México

When I found out I am gay the first thought in my mind was negation. I thought never I will find a place where I can be understood and loved. I was wrong, with the time I found friends who gave me the acceptation I need to be myself. After that, I never feel afraid to show who I am.

After years living in the Mexican Caribean side (Cancún, Playa del Carmen and Tulum). I had an opportunity to go to Jamaica for work. I loved the mountains, when I came back I miss that view. I start to shop around to find a place that can give me new experiences and I found Puerto Vallarta.

Puerto Vallarta is everything you can love from a gay destination. You have gay bars, restaurants, beach clubs, and amazing beaches.

Just for your information Puerto Vallarta is not only about parties (we have a lot if you are into it). But also Puerto Vallarta was founded in an international and artistic community which elevate it as a destination not only in entertainment activities also cultural activities.

You will love Puerto Vallarta if you are gay or not.


Alberto Martínez

Alberto Martínez

Writer, Marketing Director and Real Estate Agent in Puerto Vallarta. My inspiration comes from help people to live the real experience of México.

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